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Unlimited Media and Innovation (UMI) is a media, marketing, branding and consulting branch of G & P Unlimited Co. We are a full-service branding  and coaching agency . Our team is  committed to bringing our clients ideas to life.  while also improving their life.  UMI exists to discover and showcase talented, like-minded authors, artist, speakers, and organizations that fit the overall mission and urban brand of GPUNLTD. We endeavor to provide the platform by which our clients can benefit from the multifaceted GPUNLTD Platform.  As a media agency, we strive to continuously provide innovative products and services that will, in turn, forge the way for new and innovative trends. We are innovators in the business of helping others impact the world.


UMI makes publishing fast, easy and affordable for today’s faith-based author. UMI has helped authors print and publishes books not accepted by traditional presses. Our technology allows you to get your book into print quickly and affords you access to worldwide distribution. [/service]


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