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About GPUNLTD Unlimited Company

About-GPUNLTD Unlimited Co. is a small grassroots Messianic Hebrew company dedicated to offering spiritual, individual and personal growth products and services. Our focus is empowering people to live an Unlimited Lifestyle. We are the premier Unlimited Lifestyle Company and the leaders in fostering a Messianic Hebrew Consciousness.  Our company is more than just  Urban Streetwear; we are a movement.  

We create and distribute GPUNLTD Unlimited branded products and services.  We are a Messianic Hebrew Lifestyle Hub for books, music, apparel, information, and art. We purposefully offer various mediums of expression targeted to the Urban and Hebrew community.  We take pride in knowing that we are different from other urban streetwear companies because we are creating a new culture- a bold, authentic and the unlimited Messianic  Hebrew consciousness.

We also believe in contributing to the good of humanity and that everyone should participate in what we feel is a movement of love and empowerment.  Therefore, we offer an assortment of high-quality free products to our supporters.  Our love gifts range from e-book and music to free access to exclusive G&P Unlimited produced events. We are the next generation of For Us and By Us Companies. We firmly believe that everyone in our community should share in the Unlimited Lifestyle Movement.


G & P Unlimited Co. believes that we exist as a company to pray for, awaken, disciple, and serve people everywhere and to help foster a Messianic Hebrew consciousness.  As a Messianic Hebrew company, we are committed to Truth that is found in Yeshua HaMashiach and his teachings. We do not follow a western interpretation of scriptures but we believe in using the truth of the word of Elohim for the liberation and the deliverance of the Hebrew people and the urban community.  We accept Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) as the Messiah and yet follow a Hebrew lifestyle.  We believe that Yeshua HaMashiach was a black revolutionary as were all of the original Hebrew people and patriarch of the faith. We exist to inspire black people to be both unapologetically Messianic Hebrews, and for others to be followers of  Yeshua HaMashiach at the same time.” 


To be the catalyst that awakens Hebrew people and the Urban Community to live an Unlimited Lifestyle though work, worship, and service.


To be the pioneer of the unlimited lifestyle and leaders in Messianic Hebrew Culture and Consciousness.


Live Life-Be Unlimited-Become Legendary

PoEthics Philosophy 

We are committed to being a global leader in Messianic Hebrew Culture and Consciousness. Our hallmark is called PoEthics – servant leadership to humanity, outstanding ethical conduct and resolute responsibility to our communities. Yeshua Hamashiach’s people and physical environment must be entrenched within our ethos, and translated in our company’s culture, to ensure that we are creating an environment that inspires people both customers and employees to Live Boldly,  to Live Authentically and to Live Unlimited.

Urban Adventure Streetwear and Unlimited Lifestyle Company

G & P Unlimited Co. is more than just an urban adventure streetwearGPUNLTD is a movement and lifestyle company. In reality, we are a Messianic Hebrew Movement. We are disruptors that are changing the world. Our supporters are an army of activist, artist, blipsters, clergy, civic leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, hipsters, innovators and minimalist who live a life of service to humanity (PoEthics). Our products range from branded clothing and music to signature conferences, workshops, and blogs.  We are purposeful in offering something unique for people who want to live an Unlimited lifestyle.  Unlike our competitors, we are not selling scriptures on shirts. We are the apparel of world changers. We don’t just wear the lifestyle, we live the lifestyle!

GPUNLTD Avodah Culture-The Lion Lifestyle

As the descendants of the original Hebrew people, we are the reviving a communal understanding of the Hebrew Word AvodahAvodah means a seamless life of work, worship, and service. When we live our purpose through our work, it becomes our worship to The Most High. At GPUNLTD, our work is our worship.

Messianic Hebrew Consciousness/ The New Urban Lifestyle

GPUNLTD is waking the Messianic Hebrew consciousness of people. We are inspiring our people to take better care of themselves and to return to our roots as a people.  We are  Messianic Hebrew people whose message is centered on living a life that is rooted in the teaching of Yeshua Hamashiach. Our post and products are centered around information that we feel are integral to awakening a  Messianic  Hebrew Consciousness in the Urban Community.  We balance liberation thought, which focuses on freedom from all forms of bondage and injustice,  with the spiritual reality of bondage that comes from sin and the fall of Adam, and the curses of Deuteronomy.  We are purposeful in posting information and developing products that focus on Hebrew culture, social injustices, and topics that benefit and educate the Hebrew community. We discuss wellness and the need to eat clean foods according to the Biblical dietary law (Leviticus 11).  We also celebrate,  promote, and discuss the black outdoors, black agriculture, black economic empowerment, black history, and community organizing. We also attempt to use images that portray  Hebrew experience.