About us


About Us- G & P Unlimited Co.

G & P Unlimited Co. is a premier Streetwear, Outfitters, and Lifestyle Company.  Our focus is on empowering people to live an Unlimited life by cultivating a grind mentality, a purpose perspective, and a hustle culture.

We create and distribute G & P Unlimited Co. branded products and services. We take pride in knowing that we are different from other streetwear companies because we are promoting a culture, not just clothing.

G & P Unlimited Co. Mission 

We are a catalyst that awakens people and to live an Unlimited Life. We exist to cultivate people to have a grind mentality, a hustle culture, and purpose perspective.

G& P Unlimited Co. Vision

To be the pioneer of the unlimited lifestyle and leaders in hustle culture and urban consciousness. To inspire and motivate people to be great in their individual work, worship, and service. 

G & P Unlimited Co. Motto

Have a grind mentality, a pursue perspective, and a hustle culture .-Live Life-Be Unlimited-Become Legendary

G & P  Unlimited Co. Tagline

We do it for the Culture! We Hustle and Grind for the People!

PoEthics Philosophy 

We are committed to being active corporate citizens. Our hallmark work is  PoEthics – servant leadership to humanity, outstanding ethical conduct and resolute responsibility to our communities. We believe that service must be entrenched within our ethos, and translated in our company’s culture, to ensure that we are creating an environment that inspires people both customers and employees to Live Boldly,  to Live Authentically and to Live Unlimited.

Urban Streetwear, Outfitters, and Lifestyle Company

Our supporters are activist, artist, blipsters, clergy, civic leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, hipsters, innovators and minimalist who live a life of service to humanity (PoEthics), but also grind and hustle to make their dreams become reality.  We are a fashion and culture.  We don’t just wear the lifestyle, we live the culture. 

Consciousness Culture 

We are inspiring supporters to live holistic lives. Our blog and products are centered around helping you to be inspired, motivated,  and educated to thrive so when you are in the middle of the hustle and grind of life you are performing at your peak.