Wandering and Doing Nothing

Wandering and Doing Nothing

In the past three months,  I have realized that my assumptions and ambition has taken me miles off course. Of course, I have worked hard; but, when it came to my dreams I accomplished nothing.  I have spent weeks being preoccupied with life instead of focusing on purpose. How many of us have come to this waking nightmare that our misdiagnoses of life have created a whirlwind of problems? We become a lost ship in the storms of life neglecting the treasure map that we fail to navigate. The reality is that many of us spend our entire lives following courses that lead us nowhere. We work hard only to invest nothing in our purpose. What is the ultimate outcome? We create  an unstable environment in which we either do one of three things:

  1. Fix it
  2. Live an illusion
  3. Or live depressed

The truth is that Fixing it is the only real solution. Nothing else quite does the work. We all have lived the illusion. We fake it and dress up our lack of following our dreams by pretending that the accumulation of stuff that impresses others is a sign of happiness.  The last alternative is to accept our falling short and waddle in the despair of depression. Nevertheless, the reality is that we were created to live unlimited lives.

God gives us strategic opportunities to recognize the trap so he can aid us back on the road to destiny. The point is that we all fall short and we all stray from the road,  but there is a grace that can lead us back on course.

You and I are wonderfully designed to be extraordinary.  You were planted on this earth to do some amazing things. The earth and universe is waiting for you to reveal the God technology that has been grafted within you.  Your gifts and talents are your personal tools to absolute power and dominion; unlock them and everything will become possible.  

Becoming everything that God created you to be is the biggest challenge that you and I will ever face. When we unlock purpose we become extraordinary and powerful. Nothing we do from that point on will ever be average. What was once impossible now becomes impossible. We become capable of doing anything.

So Stop Being Miserable! Get Up and Get on the Road Again. Greatness is Awaiting.

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