The Revelation: Igniting The More

The Revelation: Igniting The More

Honestly, the thought of starting a company with my husband whose sole mission is to inspire people to “get up” and “pursue” destiny was a bit intimidating. How could I be responsible for Igniting the More? Who am I to take on such a lofty task? The thought occurred to me – who am I to refuse?  It wasn’t so long ago that I was overwhelmed by the mess that had become my life as the result of one cancerous mistake that had invaded and taken over every area of my life.

What led us to an Urban Christian Hip Hop Apparel Company?

I was greeted every morning with the familiar longing to end my life and soothed to sleep every night with fantasies of what could be. But one fateful day, while I was wallowing in my despair, I realized that I had spent years regretting and crying over one decision made. I had wasted countless hours lamenting over the would’ve, should’ve and could’ve’s of my life. Yet, I had done absolutely nothing to create the life I wanted. I decided to no longer cuddle my hurt, shame, regret, fear, disappointment, or rejection; instead, I was eliminating all the excuses! This is what our company is about.

An Urban Christian Hip Hop Apparel Clothing Brand

G & P Unlimited Co. is about igniting people to the revelation of living an Unlimited Life.We aid people in eliminating every paralyzing excuse, that prevents them from getting up and pursuing!If you find yourself wallowing in similar feelings of despair and limited possibility like I was, then today is your day to eliminate the excuses! The only thing that is stopping you is you. Rather than becoming a motivational speaker in Indianapolis, that’s home or in Ohio, forming the Best Christian Clothing Brand just made sense.

Get up from your current reality and pursue the next, the better, the more. If you have already begun this journey, then allow us to come aid you, cheering you onward. If you are just beginning, find in us the inspiration to flame you desire for greatness. You were created to be Limitless.  it is time for you to live like it! We are G & P Unlimited, an Urban Hip Hop Christian Apparel company. One of the top Christian Clothing Brands in existence today.


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