The Kevo of YHWH is my Strength

The Kevo (Joy-Grace) of YHWH is my Strength. Kevo is not a human-based happiness but it is the proper awareness of YHWH’s grace and favor. It is the Spirit-given awareness that flourishes in the hard times. It is an inward power of happiness and delight in what YHWH has done. The satisfaction and jubilation in El Shaddai and his triumph over all your situations. That is why we should laugh in hard and difficult times. Why laugh? It helps to release what has already been done by YHWH in your Spirit. It is proven that laughter allows us to change perspective. Laughter has the ability to take a very serious situation and reduce them into microscopic problems so that we can see them in a proper light. Laughing releases faith and hope to such a degree that we triumph over anything that prevents us from reflecting our sonship and inheritance within the earth. So my prayer for each of you today is that Kevo is released over your life. That whatever problem you face you look it in the eye and laugh at it.


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