Supercharge Your Motivation And Live Unlimited

Supercharge Your Motivation And Live Unlimited

It is a New Year and like many of you, I have sat down and prepared a list of goals that I would like to accomplish during the course of the year. Unfortunately,  just like many of you, I have created similar lists in years past, and unfortunately, just like many of you, I have drifted from the pursuit of those goals. What I have found over the years is that motivation is the key to continuously and persistently pursue one’s goals. Therefore, it is essential when pursuing goals, to have tools in place to boost motivation and maintain the stamina needed to live an unlimited lifestyle.  We all know that motivation is the driving power of any life-enhancing change.  We also know that change only comes from knowing exactly what you want to do and having a passion to do what’s necessary to generate it.  Motivation is the fuel that keeps your dream on track and it is that power that keeps you going when things get hard and overpowering.

Supercharge Tool That Will Help 

At G & P Unlimited Company we have some  tips to help you supercharge your motivation and keep you living an unlimited life:

  •  Create a vision board and fill it with images of your desired ends.  If you can picture it and visualize it, then it is possible.  Fill that picture board with images of things that you desire. It can be tangible items like cars, a house, or clothing. It can also be intangible items like peace, passion, harmony, health, and prosperity.
  • GET ANGRY! I don’t mean to get upset; I mean fighting mad.  This kind of blackout rage will cause you to get into the ring of life and contend for something greater than your current reality.  The truth is, if you desire to change your life for the better, then you must get angry about where you’re at in the present.  Having a blasé attitude towards change will not create enough fuel to energize you to change your reality.  Passion, which means to suffer, is what is needed to create a strong desire within you.  No one will tell you that real change demands a real fight. That all dreams makers, at some point, had to GET ANGRY ABOUT THEIR CURRENT REALITY AND HAD TO BE WILLING TO  FIGHT FOR MORE.  They made a commitment to themselves to do whatever it took to change their current reality.
  • Live your life in accordance to the value of time.  Time is the solitary thing that you and I can never get back. It is God’s NONRENEWABLE resource.  The fact is that the clock started ticking the day that you were conceived in your mother’s uterus.  That your life is only a split moment in eternity, therefore you should never squander it.  We all have things in our lives that distract us. I call these things time wasters. If you desire to make your dreams a reality, you must make the most of your most precious resource – time. To this end, you are must put an end to all of the mindless drifting; destroy things that are irrelevant in your life; and, find a balance between study and pleasure.  For example, Television, social media, video games, and hanging out are non-essential activities that will not help in bringing your dreams into reality; therefore, time committed to these activities should be planned and used sparingly.  Remember, no one knows how much time is allotted to them while on earth; as a result, one should make sure that each day counts for something.
  • Go against the norm.  Living Unlimited requires you to create your own fortune.  90% of people are mindless zombies who follow the herd instead of making their own way. They are time consumers and dream eaters.  If you want to change your reality and achieve a greater level of success, you cannot follow the herd and go where everyone else goes, or do exactly what everyone else does. To Be Unlimited, you have to possess the courage to be different than all of the other walking dead people.  You have to be free and Alive! The reason why people try to eat you is because you are alive and they are frantic that you have decided to follow a different path from that of the mindless herd.
  • Destroy your fear. Faith and Fear cannot occupy the same space. Fear is a very cruel, destructive parasite that eats dreams and kills motivation.  So release faith!


The world is waiting for your unique gifts. Why keep it waiting any longer? Be Unlimited.

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