Saddling Up


Saddling Up

I told my supervisor recently that I was going to resign my full-time position and transition into a  “part time” position. Yea, I admit it: fear surfaced. Fear, coupled with the seeming lack of concern that emanated from my supervisor, tugged at my insecurity. Questions fled my mind. Was I making a mistake? Would we still be able to stay afloat? Would administration, being vindictive, prevent me from getting hours? What if I didn’t work anywhere in the neighborhood of 40 hrs per week? Who, in their right mind, reduces hours and takes a position that dissolves security in order to pursue “the more”? It seemed counterproductive!! As I type this, my eyes are filling with tears as I contemplate the uncertainty of the future. I have to close my eyes to hold back the tears, but even as I do so, I hear reassurance: “Greatness is sown in Risk”. If being great was so easy, everyone would be GREAT. Greatness is sown in adversity, in trials, seasons of lack and in the scary, awful, ickiness of Risk. Ambrose Redmoon is credited for having said, “ Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than one’s fear”. Being the ruler of my destiny, having the time to invest in my company, spending time with my daughter—these all are more important than my fear. So I close this post embracing the Risk; acknowledging the presence of fear while keeping it in its proper perspective, and holding my breath in expectation for what is next. I think John Wayne said it best, “Courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway”. Its do or die, no turning back. I choose to saddle up, anyway…


Have you ever had to face your fears? How did you saddle up? Every day the GPUNLTD Team saddles up. We are an Urban Hip Hop Christian Apparel company and lifestyle brand for individuals who want to face their fears and live an unlimited life. We are  GPUNLTD!

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