Retrospective Moment: Andy Dufresne was right

Retrospective Moment: Andy Dufresne was right

Retrospective Moment: Andy Dufresne was right
Imagine sitting on the beach and taking in the magnificence of the ocean waves breaking on the shore, and realizing that you will never have this moment again.  In an instant, the reality hits you that each day, you are going to grow older and that eventually, just like those who came before,  you will one day actually die.  You are instantaneously aware that breath is not assured and that every sunrise and sunset is a gift from God.  You will become one of those “OLD” people, whose greatest response to a question regarding how they are getting along will be, “I am glad to be alive”. In that moment, as the short storm rolls over the ocean, a tremendous fear rolls into your heart.  A fear that is far more gut-wrenching than starting a new business, getting married, getting divorced, having a child, or even losing everything — the fear of not being immortal. You suddenly realize that life possesses a reality and it is death. This hits you in the teeth and you actually feel it– Andy Dufresne was right when he said, “Get busy living or get busy dying”.  

I experienced this moment about a week before my birthday. In retrospect, I realize that this moment was a gift God gave.  I not only was able to comprehend the reality of aging, but  I was able to identify my true fear. I feared an unfulfilled purpose. My greatest fear was dying a wealthy, poor man. That all the Gold that was on the inside of me would be buried with me; and  I would never showcase to the world the diamonds and jewels that were embedded in my hopes and dreams.  Fear of not contributing a significant body of work that would live on well after I died; consequently, dying without leaving a legacy. I also realized, however, that there was an urgency to “get busy living” and to pursue a life in which I willfully choose to die empty.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or just an employee,  the moment you die you will be replaced unless you create a legacy.  When you are an Innovator and contribute to humanity, your life transcends the time you live on the earth. So in essence,  you and I have to become our very own Priceless Mona Lisa. To that end,  every moment that we have on this earth must be savored; time must be spent loving and being loved, and we must create a culture and lifestyle that is unlimited. An Unlimited lifestyle in which we authentically live and experience life, while contributing to the good of humanity and loving the people around us.

So here is how we can overcome this reality:

  • We welcome every day and a challenge ourselves love life. We must be willing to make everyday count. We Stop focusing on what we don’t have and breathe in the breath of life daily. We realize that every day is a  gift of opportunity,  given to us to mine the Gold on the inside of us. We must be willing to challenge ourselves to contribute to humanity.
  • Move forward in your communication by deleting all negative self-talk.
  • We must believe in ourselves and believe in the possibility of the impossible dreams God has given us. We have to give our hopes and dreams a one-hundred percent commitment. We have to invest some sweat equity in working to make something that exists in our minds, a tangible product or service (Lol! -G & P Unlimited Co). We cannot have a pity party and make excuses. Life is way too short to blame ourselves. Fear only disempowers and overwhelms us. So we have to stay focused on the Blueprint.
  • We have to have faith that the best is yet to come. Optimism is powerful. Putting our faith into action actually develops our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical muscles. The more you mine the gold, the better and stronger you will get.

Life is Short so let’s get to digging. Remember that  “Hope is a Good Thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”. — Andy Dufresne

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*Side note-  G &  P Unlimited Co. is me and my wife’s response to the reality of this blog. GPULTD is an acronym that stands for Get-up and Pursues Unlimited Lifestyle. GPUNLTD is our philosophy and science of faith that empowers us to get-up and overcome any obstacles that stand in our way of us pursuing our God-given dreams. Our company is our prayer and hope that each and everyone that supports us is encouraged to actualize the possibilities of having an UNLIMITED life. So, we sincerely are thankful when you share comments and support. It helps to reaffirm that we are inspiring the world around us. Stay tuned, we have more to come, but for now, Be Unlimited.

This is your Legacy! Go Forth and Grind! This is #HustleCulture

Live Life, Be Unlimited, Become Legendary! 

K. A. Perkins, CEO


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