Real Talk- I Want to Quit!

 Real Talk- I Want to Quit!

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Can I be honest? I wanted to Quit! G and P Unlimited Company is a culmination of 20 years of failed ideas, learned lesson, and self-discovery. While the name is relatively new, the business of empowering the Urban community isn't. We are in the business of educating and empowering our community. Unlike other urban streetwear companies, we showcase a lifestyle and a culture. It’s a very simple concept. Sometimes so simple it’s hard to understand because of our multi-faceted products and services that we design, create, and brand.

G  and P  Unlimited Co. is an extension of who we are individually and collectively as owners. As a company, we give one-on-one training, host conferences, provide workshops, write books, blog, create art and create music.  We are more than just an Urban Adventure Streetwear Company, we are a Lifestyle! We are an iconic symbol of an Unlimited Lifestyle.

Those of you who read our blogs, we really want to encourage you. You might not know this, but the letters G & P stand for something. The letter "G"  stands for Grind/Get-Up and the letter "P" stands for Pursue.  So when your wear and support our brand, you are affirming that you are Grinding or Getting up to Pursue an Unlimited Lifestyle. To that point, we realize life can get in the way of living unlimited. We all face peaks and valleys that we cannot control; however, the key is not quitting.

Here are the 5 top reasons I think people quit before they even start:

  1. They don’t know how to start.
  2. They have good ideas but lack the disciple to do the work.
  3. They are afraid to talk to people.
  4. They allow perfectionism to get in the way of the process.
  5. They fear rejection.

Here are the answers to those reasons:

  1. They don’t know know how to start, so they just sit there with great ideas and dreams. In 2019 you have google. Take the time to research your idea. Unlike some companies, we are a hybrid or other micro industries; therefore, we had to learn elements of each of them. The bottom line is to get off your butt and research and develop a plan.  
  1. Everyone wants to be successful, but many people lack the discipline to do the work. I cannot account for the hours of sitting in front of my computer researching, experimenting, designing and writing in order to launch this company. Many people lack that internal fortitude. If you are trying to make money, then get a second job. If you are trying to create a legacy, then get to work!
  1. Do not be afraid to talk to people. In the early stages of GPUNLTD, I really didn’t talk to people. In some ways, I was still sharping the vision. I wanted to make sure that I was embodying the vision and mission of the company. If you want to jumpstart your purpose, you have to talk to people.
  1. Perfection is often the killer of great ideas. As a company, we are always evolving and revising. Every blog, product, event, and etc., get better.  I guarantee you that you will find mistakes. However, every day we are making corrections and revising to make our customer's experience better. Perfectionism holds most people hostage. People who suffer from perfectionism, often struggle with rejection. They are afraid of what others think about them. The question you have to ask yourself is: whose vision is it?
  1. You are going to face rejection. Stop caring about what people think; keep griding and going forward.

This is not easy work; I admit that I’ve thought about quitting when life got in the way.  When we wrote books and no one read them, posted blogs with no likes or response. But we know we will not get to where we want to be if we quit. We want to succeed in our business. So we daily give up sleep, tv, and weekends in order to create a legacy and fulfill our purpose. We are serious about our mission and vision. It more than just money for us; it is a movement and a labor of love!  So, the real reason why we don't quit is you! 

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