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Living Your Purpose: The Trans-generational and Resilient Nature of Purpose

This blog may completely unveil my quirky ( some might say nerdy) personality; nevertheless, I am committing to it because I am committed to my purpose and a life of resolve. I want to be Trans-generational! I admit that I am not like most people whose favorite passages, or quotes from the Bible relate to some deep and profound truth. Instead, I relish in something that most people find tiresome, boring and a waste of seventeen verses, two hundred and sixty-two words (yes, I counted). I am referring to the list of “begats” found in the first chapter of Matthew verses 1 -17.

In this simple verses, one read of all the generations from Abraham to Jesus Christ. One reads of Abraham, who fulfilled his purpose by living all he knew to follow the one true living God, Jehovah. Abraham begat Isaac, who  begat Jacob. Jacob begat  sons, one of whom was Joseph. Joseph, fulfilled his purpose when through obedience to God he saved the lives of a whole nation. And so on, and so on. The “why” of the individuals listed in these 17 verses transcended their personal lives and impacted generations that preceded them.  Forty generations affected by each person, male and female, who fulfilling their purpose and lived with purposeful intent their why.  

That is one of the beautiful lessons that these 17 verses convey: Living one’s purpose does not only impact one’s immediate circle of influence; instead, it impacts generation after generation after generation. When we fulfill our purpose we are leaving behind a legacy for all those that come after us. When we play our part, we create the backdrop for others to do the same.

Another equally beautiful lesson these 17 verses convey is that purpose is resilient. Many of the men and women listed in these verses had less than perfect past filled with dysfunctional families, abusive relationships, mistakes, disobedience and sometimes wanton disregard for their purpose; nevertheless, God’s purpose was resolute.Proverbs 19:21 reads, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails”.  These means that purpose trumps mistakes, the past and everything that other’s say disqualify us. The truth is that nothing disqualifies us. Nothing that you have done, anywhere any place nor with anybody can cancel your purpose.

I challenge you to take the time to read about the lives of these men and women who fulfilled purpose, despite the odds and succeeded in leaving  a legacy for generations.


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