Life Signs: Fueling combustible drive within

Life Signs: Fueling the drive within

We have to keep the goal in mind and the prize before our eyes. This is the only way that we can maintain a continual forward progression, even if it doesn’t appear as though we have gotten the desired traction or momentum. This, to some, may seem a needless reminder. As for the rest of us, if we were honest, we would admit that there are some days, 25% of the time, that we don’t give our 100%.

Days where we are unfocused and seemingly in a lethargic state of immobility; the source of which can stem from multiple situations and scenarios. The bottom line is that distraction is a distraction no matter the shape, form, or severity; we must constantly keep that for which we are laboring in our view. We have to maintain a constant state of hunger that fuels the ever combustible drive within.

Tools You can Use

One way we do this is very practical: post-life signs at strategic places you frequented throughout the day. I’m talking about reminders of your target points for the day in a mirror, on your dashboard, etc., Program your smartphone to send you strategic alerts and points in the day that you know you get easily distracted. Be Creative. Incorporate whatever will keep you inspired and motivated. For someone it can be as simple as one reminder posted on their alarm clock: “Good Morning Self. Get up and Let’s get One-step Closer To Being Debt Free”.

Think about it, when we are on the highway headed to our intended destination, we often get weary after hours of driving. Sometimes, the sign that says “your destination 10 miles away” energizes us. We often bypass the rest break, why? Cause we tell ourselves, “if I can keep going for only 10 more miles,  I will be there!” That is how successful people keep going! They have life signs that keep them pushing, keeps them moving, and keeps them inspired. They have moments in which they reaffirm the journey and rekindle the fire of the mission. You only have 10 miles left to your destination.

This is the time when you tell yourself to hold on and to keep going. Keep fueling that combustible drive from within!

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