Life’s Poker:Playing with the Dealt Hand

Life’s Poker: Playing with the Dealt Hand

I read a post today that moved me to comment. I don’t comment, but the words conveyed such a depth of sorrow that I felt compelled to. It was a status update on a friend that mentioned trying to remain positive, but having a hard time dealing the hand dealt her.Not knowing what was going on in this friend’s post, I wanted just to encourage her. I sent her a message, and one thing led to another. At the end of the conversation, we were at opposites. We both have been diagnosed with the same illness, yet she has conceded to embrace the stages of grief and “deal” with it. I, on the other hand, vehemently refuse to accept the diagnosis or to align my self with self-pity and pain. I have respect and offer support to my friend, and all those that choose the route of acceptance; but as for myself, acceptance is not an option, especially when revolving issues that require faith and hope.  Acceptance implies a benign surrender that frankly, I am not yet ready to concede. I decided awhile back that if I was going to live limitlessly, I was going to do so in every aspect of my life. That means having a ferocious faith and fight.  I truly believe that  If we are going to live limitlessly, we must have the courage and mental vigor to enough to realize that sometimes that the poker hand that was dealt was intended to provoke us to expand our faith and ultimately catapult us into unlimited opportunities. You can only get stronger when you push against resistance. We have the power not only to make the best of the hand, but to create a whole new stack of cards; and ultimately, we can change the game; not just for ourselves, but for all those in our sphere of influence. My husband says it best when you create the game; you create the rules.

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