HURTFUL HABITS-Short-term thinking


HURTFUL HABITS-Short-term thinking

You will always pay more in life when you have short-term thinking.  Everything in life should be based on a long-term vision. What you want today does not always equate to the future that you want tomorrow. You must take control of your short-term thinking.  We all are driven by certain impulsive it is when we cannot control the immediate impulsive that we tend to make a series of catastrophic decisions. Scientific studies have shown that when individuals are faced with limited resources, they tend to focus on their current needs, rather than their long-term vision or thinking. This may explain the behavior of people that never live up to their potential or purpose. In an effort to destroy the bad habit of short-term thinking always consider the long-term consequences of your current actions. As a matter of practice writing down the long-term possibilities of your actions when you make a  decision. This will help to train your mind to stay connected to your long-term vision. 

Destroy this Hurtful Habits and live unlimited!



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