Growth Moments

Growth Moments

When muscles undergo intense exercise like lifting weight, it causes growth.  It is the resistance to load or the trauma to the tissue that causes the muscle fibers to grow. Every push or pull by your muscles is actually damaging the muscles fibers. The building of muscles is a biological effort of the body to repair tissues that have been damaged. This damage causes the muscles to increase in both thicknesses and in number. This makes the muscle stronger, bigger, and adaptable to respond to future stress and trauma. This idea of growth is just like growing tissue. 

Growth Moments

The truth is, you cannot transform your life if you refuse to grow and growth is both painful and stressful. You are created to evolve and to grow if you are willing to get into the gym of life. When I used to play sports, the coach would say "No Pain No Gain." In reality, what he was saying was an essential key in transforming your life. It is a grind to becoming everything that God wants you to be. The process is harsh, painful, and requires you to keep pushing when you want to quit. There is no shortcut you have to visit the gym of life daily. The pain is real, the transformation process is severe, growth takes time, and the maturity comes with peaks and valleys. Stop Crying, Suck It Up, and Hustle! It's time for you to grow up! If you are going through obstacles in life instead of looking at them as problems, be excited, and see them as growth moments. 

This is your Legacy! Go Forth and Grind! This is #HustleCulture

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