Get To Work!

Get To Work!

Stop! Make a list of things which you are passionate about! Take a moment to jot down moments, events, and opportunities which you have enjoyed. These moments, events, and opportunities should be things that made you feel empowered, inspired, unlimited and unstoppable. Are you Innovative? Do you like to design or create things? Are you at your best when you are on an outdoor adventure? Do you like fixing and building things? Are you passionate about helping and severing others? Do you feel that you were created to impact the lives of others? Are you excited to perform or to speak in front of large crowds? Whatever it is that you are passionate about, make a list of these things under this heading:

Things I That I am passionate about:


Once you are finished, take each one of those things and explain why these moments, events, and opportunities made you empowered, inspired, unlimited and unstoppable. Why do you love these things? Now circle the ones that you genuinely believe you could earn money from doing? Imagine if you were to lose everything today and no employer was willing to hire you which of these things would you use to take care of yourself and your family? Under this heading remake a smaller list:

My Bread and Butter List:

Here Where The Real Work Starts:

Now analyze your bread and butter list that you just made, find out if there is a recurring theme. Maybe, you will find that you like teaching small children how to create art or you like to eat and discuss music with friends. Whatever it is, your goal is to identify the central theme of the things you that you are passionate about. Now take that central theme and try to put it in a short and precise statement. Now you have created your personal ‘Mission Statement’!

A personal mission statement is essential to creating a framework for what you want to do. It helps you to define your why and keep you focused. This statement can sometimes take hours to create because you are trying to establish who you are as a person. A mission statement is the highest level of introspection that integrates who you are as an individual with your purpose and goals. This statement will make your life focused and will simply and decision-making process. Lastly, your mission statement will hold you accountable for your decisions, your actions, and your life.

Happy Writing! You will love me when you finish!

Live Life-Be Unlimited-Become Legendary


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