Get Fresh Fridays -When My Homies Call!

Get Fresh Fridays -When My Homies Call!

get fresh fridays

G and P Unlimited Co. your #1 source of Urban Streetwear and lifestyle presents GET FRESH FRIDAYS! Every Friday we will be releasing an exclusive Friday product.  

This week's product theme is Entitled-When My Homies Call! When my Homies Call, was one of my favorite songs by Tupac. This song is a constant reminder of the fraternal brotherhood and sisterhood that we share with friends. That there are friends/homies that we can't leave behind.  You know that homie/friend: 

  • That won't stop you from fighting, but instead will jump in and help. 
  • That will tell you the truth about yourself regardless of how successful you are. 
  • That will loan you money, but will never ask for it back. 
  • That knows everyone in your family and will stop over your parent's house to check in on them for you. 
  • That has a bond that is stronger than blood. 
  • That cries with you and grinds with you and supports what you do.

This product is dedicated to them-My Homies! To my brothers with different mothers, I want to thank you for believing me when sometimes I did not believe in myself. You are real friends who called me out when I was trippin and held me accountable in my faith when I at times lost my way. To you, I dedicate this first GET FRESH FRIDAYS' product. Shirts are in the mail homies! In the word of  Tupac:

"No matter how low you go you're not lowly
And I, hear that you made a few enemies
But when you need a friend you can depend on me, call
If you need my assistance, there'll be no resistance
I'll be there in an instant."


This weekend grab a few shirts for all your homies just to let them know that you love them and when they call you are there.

P.S. Please Share this post and Tag Your Homie and let them know that their shirts are in the mail as well. 👍😃😎😁

Live  Life-Be Unlimited-Become Legendary! 


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