Get Fresh Fridays-GP Nation Collection

Get Fresh Fridays -GP Nation

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G and P Unlimited Co. your #1 source of Urban Streetwear and lifestyle presents GET FRESH FRIDAYS! Every Friday we will be releasing an exclusive Friday product.  

This week's product theme is an actual Collection Entitled-GP Nation

GP Nation Collection is a symbolic representation of our GPUNLTD Culture. The four-color that we use in the majority of our products are red, black, green, and gold. 

  • Red: The Red represents the blood that unites all people of Hebrew/Black ancestry,  the shed blood of captivity for liberation; and the connection we have to a people that has been dispersed throughout the world. 
  • Black: The black represents our culture and heritage as a people. 
  • Green: The green represents our abundance as a people and what we have contributed to humanity.
  • Yellow/Gold: The Yellow/ Gold represents our royal lineage as descendants of Kings and Preist of the Most High. 

This week Join the Nation and Purchase something from the collection today!

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