G& P Unlimited Co.-The Grind-List Episode 6 - iamé... is... still... here?

G& P Unlimited Co.-The Grind-List Episode 6 - iamé... is... still... here?

G& P Unlimited Co.-The Grind-List Episode 6 - iamé... is... still... here?


 Yeah yeah yeah, as you know by my ever so glorious title, I am back at the grind again. Sorry I'm a liiitle late, the new year hasn't only brought back the many school assignments that I have due this week, but also the constant nagging reminder of the project I promised to my Heavenly Father I would carry out in His name but had neglected at the start of the school year. Anyways, if you are new, WELCOME!! We love you and thank you for joining us, don't forget to check older posts, because believe me, do we have the jams. 

On your mark, get set, and whip out those Google Play playlists, because I have 5 hot bops that I've been bumping to all week! 

Track 1-WHATUPRG - Glory (ft. Gawvi)

Even though I was kind of disappointed that I didn't see the two guys in action lip-syncing to the song, the dance video was a pleasant surprise. Of course, any Gawvi fan knows that he's really not the bar spitting type, so even I geeked out when Gawvi took his own track and flowed at the end. 


Track 2- Derek Minor - Bigger Better Things

Am I a Derek Minor fan? Debatable. BUT THE SPACE THEME!!! Sign me up por favor! I mean the overall imagery and attention to detail is what made me flip out, I almost feel like he took my "not of this world theme" but you know, thanks Derek. 


Alrighty, our Spanish hit for the week comes from El Phillippe. This song is overall about the struggle of people reducing God to religion. I don't know 116, the Dominicans may be catching up to you. Might I say, as a saxophone player myself, GOODNESS the soothing sound of the sax will just make your heart melt. APOSENTO ALTO!!!

Track 5- Jon Keith- Who Cares

You in your feelings? Who cares? Sorry, it sounds better out loud, trust me. Anyways we wrap up our list with this song which speaks to me the most now that I am pursuing a rap career. Jon reminds us in his album Olympus, that it's never better at the top, and once you get there, your past can still reach you. The overall emotion of the song is that people don't care about where you're going, they just want to know where you came from. 

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 Hey! I can't pick all the bops myself! So if you believe an artist deserves to be up here, hit me up in the comments! I would love to hear from you! Don't forget, this is #HustleCulture! iamé, signing out guys!!



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