The Grind-List Episode 5- iamé Takeover

G& P Unlimited Co.-The Grind-List Episode 5 - iaméTakeover

The Grind-List Episode 5- iamé Takeover


Happy Grind Monday!  As you already know,  each week G & P Unlimited Co. will share 10 songs from our weekly musical Grind-List that help shape our company's culture! As a young female rapper myself, I always find myself studying and learning from other people's projects, from beat producing, to rhyme structure. This week I am stealing the reigns from my parents and giving you a Generation Z perspective on things!

So this week's Grind-List is called Back to the Grind! Mainly because it is back to school season, and well, I'm not ready to go back, so let's use this list as  MOTIVATION! Please continue to pray for those who were affected by the dual shootings in Dayton and El Paso. May God keep us safe.

Track 1-WHATUPRG - Too Much

Track 2- Parris Chariz- Big Rank

Track 3- Parris Chariz - Big Mad 

Track 4-Madiel Lara - WOW

Track 4- 116- Big Wave (feat. Lecrae, Parris Chariz)

Track 6- Gawvi- Hope you Say

Track 6- Social Club Misfits- Believe

Track 6- Jon Keith, Derek Minor,  and Joey Vantes - David 

Track 10- DJ Mykael V - Switches ( feat. Joey Vantes, Jon Keith, seni.)

Thanks for listening, Like, Comment, and share! See y'all next time!

This is your Legacy! Go Forth and Grind! This is #HustleCulture



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