G& P Unlimited Co.-The Grind-List Episode 3-The Heat

G& P Unlimited Co.-The Grind-List Episode 3-The Heat 

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Happy Grind Monday! Each week G & P Unlimited Co. will share 10 songs from our weekly musical Grind-List that help shape our company's culture. You might not know this but the letter "G"  stands for Grind/Get-Up and the letter "P" stands for Pursue in G & P. So when you wear and support our brand you are Grinding or Getting up to Pursue an Unlimited Lifestyle.  

So this week Grind-List is called Fire! Please continue to pray for those who are affected by the governmental shutdown. 

Track 1-TR3DEMARK - Lord Knows

Track 2-Steven Malcolm - The Second City

Track 3-Jered Sanders - I'll Wait

Track 4-Bizzle Feat. Sevin - Way Up

Track 5-Social Club Misfits - Say Goodbye

Track 6-Vibe Too- Big SWAGG

Track 7-No Chill- JAS ft. RaptureReady

Track 8-twenty eighteen-Nobigdyl

Track 9- Yippy-Aha Gazelle

Track 10-Die-Rek - I'm So Potential

I hope you Enjoy! Have an amazing week! Live Life-Be Unlimited -Become Legendary!

Please Share, Provide Comments, and Suggest Tracks. 


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