Faith to Drown

Faith to Drown

Faith to Drown

The Story

One of my favorite stories about the power of faith is the story of Peter walking on water. In this story, the Master Jesus accumulated a following of more than  5,000 people. These people followed Jesus everywhere. It was during this time that Jesus did some unbelievable things like healing and feeding them.  One night after the Master had finished giving hope to the crowd, he told his students to get into their boats and go to the other side of a large lake. He assured them that he would eventually catch up with them a little later after he had finished with the large crowd. The large crowd eventually departed and the Master went up into a mountain to pray and meditate. That evening, while the Master was praying and meditating, a heavy storm rolled in. This was a storm so violent that the Master’s students were alarmed and afraid. When the Master saw his students in despair, he went out to them by walking on the water.  

When the Master appeared to his students, he was scarcely visible in the twilight. The students assumed that a monster, or a ghost, was approaching, walking on the water.  Recognizing that they were afraid, the Master yelled out to them from the distance and informed them that it was he who was approaching; therefore, they had no reason to fear.

Peter, one of the Master’s students, was inspired when he heard the master’s voice; he immediately converted his fear into extreme faith.  He was so inspired, that he too wanted to walk on water. Peter yelled out to the Master, “ Master if it is you, tell me to meet you on the water”. The Master responded, “Peter, come on out.” Immediately, Peter sprang out of the boat and started walking on the water towards the Master.  During his miraculous walk on the water, a strong wind jolted him. Peter began to lose focus on the miracle and the blessing that he was experiencing; his focus shifted to the things that were happening around him. Instantly, fear attacked his mind and he started to sink. Out of compassion and love, the Master pulled Peter up and corrected him because of his lack of faith.

This story has been told millions of times by prolific spiritual teachers. The common synopsis has always been Peter’s lack of faith and him not keeping his eyes on the Master. Every synopsis has been that if Peter had only kept his eyes on the Master he would have never started sinking. As right as these prolific men and women are, they are neglecting to see the full picture of the victorious moment that Peter experienced over fear.  The picture that we really forget is that Peter had the faith to drown.  That he was 100% committed to the call, and he dared to believe.  These are three things that we learn from Peter’s victorious moment in releasing faith and starving fear.  

Having faith to Drown

Only 8% of people are willing to really follow that inward call to walk out on their faith. True faith is a real belief, despite the very clear reality of present uncertainty and tremendous odds. Nevertheless, many people are fearful to venture out into a world of faith when the odds are uncertain.  Understand that Peter was not the only one in that boat. There were eleven other men, all of whom never attempted to get out of the boat. Eleven men that never attempted to walk on water; instead, they were willing to accept their reality of impending death. They were fearful and faithless spectators.  They were 92% of people who are so afraid that they watch just to see other people’s faith in action. They are the commentators and the analysts that always have something to say. They are the dream killers.  

So, why would Peter get out of the boat?  Peter was willing to drown just for an opportunity to change his reality. Without certainty or planning, he followed the call. He was willing to die for something that he believed.  He believed in the Master and he believed in the possible and ignored the odds.

What is the inward call that you are willing to drown for? Is it a business idea that seems impossible? Is it the yearning to quit your job and to see the world? Whatever it is, the only way you will be able to actualize that thing is to have faith to drown for it. A key to beating fear is to accept the reality of failure while embracing the hope of achieving the impossible.

You must be 100% Committed

Peters first steps were a testament to his 100% commitment to his faith.  As soon as he stepped out of the boat,  he was all in.  He did not have a plan B. He did not have a life jacket? All he had was 100% faith and 100% commitment.   Many of us are looking for turnkey opportunities in faith. We want the glory without the risk of failure, rejection, misunderstanding, and poverty.  Faith is not faith if it does not have an element of risk. Peter’s commitment to get out and follow the call serves as an example of releasing one’s Pearls of Possibility. Peter’ faith was released when he exercised having the courage to face his fear and his willingness to challenge his current reality in hopes of a better tomorrow.  So the key to destroying fear and empowering your faith has everything to do with being 100% committed to your faith and having the courage to release your Pearls of Possibility.

Dare to Believe

History does not tell us the conversation that might have occurred between  Peter and the others on the boat. We do know that he was alone when he made his step of faith. Which only serves as a reminder that releasing your Pearls of Possibility is an individual and sometimes a lonely process. Everyone around you will not understand, nor will they actively support you releasing your faith.  They will, however, be watching to see if you drown.  So you must dare to believe.

Even when you feel alone. The only way that your faith will grow is for you to have grit and the willingness to trust in what you believe.  

We need faith; it is what keeps us alive and going when the world around us is full of despair and the lack of hope. Unbelief and doubt kill the dreamer inside of us.  That is why people who walk in faith are special people. They are alive inside because they dare to believe. They may age on the outside, but they still have the stamina to climb mental mountains and run spiritual races. Because true faith is a potential energy force that propels us to altitudes of greatness.


In conclusion, even though Peter started to sink. He still continued to walk on water with the Master despite his temporary moment of disbelief.  Which shows that the power to walk on water is in us and around us.  It also proves that, in essence, we are never alone; for God does not allow us to drown, when we follow his call to come into the unknown.

This is your Legacy! Go Forth and Grind! This is #HustleCulture

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