Cry! But Grind!

Cry! But Grind!

Gpunltd cry but grind

Life happens and having a good cry can often be a solution to releasing stress from the body. Scientific research shows that crying is a fundamental way to relive the body of stress and anxiety. In fact, some clinical researchers even suggest that when we don’t cry we are actually doing our bodies a disservice. While i agree with findings of scientific research on crying, one thing remains truet crying doesn't deal with the problem. Crying alleviates stress, but it does not elevate the stressor. It is your responsibility to deal with the stressor. Crying is good but getting up and grinding again is much better.  

I have had my share of tearful moments, episodes of doubt, failure, neglect, betrayal, and down-right self-inflicted poor choices. None of these moments were ever solved by crying. It was only solved by embracing the grind and pressing through.  I have learned that YAH has a plan for our lives and by our faith we Grind it out. Yes, cry a little, but Grind a lot.

You are created to have dominion and rulership. While crying makes you feel better about a certain situation, it does  not change your reality. Grinding is the weapon that you have to use to change your reality. Obtaining the promises of Yah requires that we fight; the majority of the fight comes from within.

I challenge you to get up and grind again when life appears hopeless. Go ahead and cry, then get up and grid!

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