Conquering the Fear of Success


Conquer the Fear of Success

As I stare optimistically into the beauty of this year, I am overwhelmed with a gut wrenching truth: The only thing that can stop me from living Unlimited this year and prevent me from walking into all that has been orchestrated for my good is ME. I must Conquer the fear of success!  Let me put this truth into perspective for you. I have been sitting glaring into a blank Word document for a total of twelve plus hours. I am painstakingly aware of the pulsating rhythm in my chest as I attempt to transcribe the principles that have opened UNLIMITED opportunity for me this year; and after all these many hours seeking inspiration, the thought that has been flickering in my subconscious comes to the surface: if I write it, then I’m responsible for pursing it.  Then it hits me, unless I conquer the Fear of Success,  I  will be my  own worst enemy this year.


Fear of Failure, or Atychihobia as it is known, is an unreasonable, or irrational, fear that failure is inevitable. This fear prevents an individual from actively pursuing their goals, or expecting favorable, successful, outcomes of their endeavors. Fear of Failure is a stagnating and paralyzing fear that makes living an UNLIMITED life impossible. Fear of Failure is widely known and accepted as a major factor in an individual’s inability to set goals, let alone met them. Many, however, are oblivious to an equally paralyzing state of mind – Fear of Success.

Fear of Failure

Fear of Success, like the Fear of Failure, is an actual phobia that prevents an individual from living an UNLIMITED life and pursuing their dreams. Generally speaking, it is a state of mind that causes an intense aversion to success. This fear is a subtle, less obvious phobia that operates out of the unconscious. Fear of Success has various origins.

For some, the inevitability of change that accompanies success is so overwhelming that it creates an inner anxiety. This anxiety, or fear, is so overpowering that the individual will often succumb to merely existing in life, or situation, that he or she hates, because the fear is too overwhelming. In some instances, the by-products of success (i.e. fame, notoriety, responsibility) cause an intense anxiety that makes the individual stagnate. Others have been conditioned to believe that they don’t deserve success. Some have been told, and now believe, that they “wont’ amount to anything”; so, the anxiety associated with their perceived inevitable disappointment results in INACTION.  Lastly, there are those that are paralyzed as a result of the risk that success requires.

Undermine our UNLIMITED

Fear of Success can make us behave in ways that undermine our UNLIMITED lifestyle. I have identified in the list below, some of the habits of those who entertain the Fear of Success.  Examine the list below, make note of any habits that paralyze you.

  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Habitual excuse making as to why one can’t achieve one’s goals
  • Refusal (or inability) to identify and articulate clear, definite goals.
  • Habitual Self Sabotaging

Can you Identify with any of these?  I bet you can. We all have experienced it at various points and transition in our lives. We often pace the threshold of UNLIMITED greatness; yet, we never cross over.

I know you all are waiting for me to identify for you some arbitrary number of action steps that will help you to “conquer” the Fear of Success. I know that you are expecting some meditation ritual that will free your mind of all fear. Your salivating on visualization techniques that will teach you to see your goal and pursue it.  I am not going to give you those things. For I know that if you entertain the Fear of Success as do I, then you will just obsess over these techniques and they will be yet another excuse for you never to get busy and do what you have been created to do. They will become another method of procrastination, or the “excuse” as to why you cannot GET UP AND PURSUE because you have not yet “perfected” the techniques.

No, the only way to conquer the Fear of Success is to QUIT THE BULL CRAP, and just do what you have been created to do. QUIT PROCRASTINATING, QUIT being a PERFECTIONIST, QUIT MAKING EXCUSES, and QUIT SELF-SABOTAGING.

I will be the first to conquer my Fear of SUCCESS by clicking one word: Publish..

S.N. Perkins


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