Collaboration: The Language of Change

Collaboration: The Language of Change

As people's are becoming increasingly specialized, collaboration is a skill that is becoming essential in organizations but also within community development. However, precisely what does it mean to collaborate?

Although "collaboration" has turned into a corporate buzzword, that doesn't mean that it is an empty cliche. On the contrary, collaboration is needed to move every organization, person, and or community forward.
Collaboration is when a combined group of people come together and contribute their expertise for the advantage of a shared goal, task, or objective. Collaboration is the procedure for teamwork. How well you collaborate with others will impact the outcome of the group. It is a process that is critical in the way people work nowadays.
Collaboration: The Language of Change
That said, it's worth taking a step straight back to assess the way you collaborate. Why? Because companies, people, and communities that work well together are likely to be more economically prosperous, more culturally aligned, and have higher levels of growth. I am a firm believer if people let go of egos! Stay in their lane! Collaborate using their expertise! Focus on the Mission! Every organization, every community, and every person can eat! Collaboration is the language of change.

We live in a world where success is the result of solving complex problems. These complex issues require certain levels of synergy. Organization and communities need to use groups of people with diverse knowledge, skills, and expertise to solve these complex problem. Collaboration brings those people together instead of operating in isolated silos.

The main reason people, organizations, and communities fail because they have not created a culture of collaboration. A culture nested in collaboration increases morale across your organization and community. The reason we have not seen growth in our organization and community is that people don't feel comfortable working alongside others for a joint mission and vision. Because collaboration is the foundation for a more open, connected, and involved organization and community. Collaboration


If collaboration does not describe your organization or community, don't fret! Now is the time to produce a collaborative environment. The work is not easy, but it takes effort and time. Find ways to foster partnerships and relationships with others. Share ideas and find ways to collaborate with others.

This is your Legacy! Go Forth and Grind! This is #HustleCulture

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