Being Safe is the New Failure-Take Risk

Being Safe is the New Failure-Take RiskBeing Safe is the New Failure

Playing it safe is a subconscious decision to accept a mediocre life, set of circumstance or situation. Do not settle for less than the life you desire – Take Risks and Ignite Change. The one challenge in life is seeing beyond our immediate reality and circumstances. It is easy to be comfortable in a situation that we hope will change; yet, it is difficult to have the courage to change your situation. When we Take Risks, we dare to make change happen. We open a door that allows Yeshua’s to supernaturally enter into our circumstance and ignite change. Our risk-taking helps us to align ourselves to Yeshua’s purpose for our life: Life Abundantly, or Unlimited! It is the active pursuit of the more, no matter what it cost us. It is the tenacity of “whatever means necessary” put into action.



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