All In: Go Hard

ALL IN: Go Hard!

Karl and I have decided that now is the time for me to resign from my full-time position and transition into a part-time position. This decision is chiefly a result of my step-daughter wanting me to spend more time with her. A secure, strong and flourishing family life is one aspect of “the more” I am pursuing. So, sacrificing the stability of full-time position in order to build a greater sense of stability and security in my step-daughter is justified. Moreover, the flexibility that a relief position would offer would enable me to truly determine my own destiny as I am free to invest more time and energy promoting G & P Company an Urban Hip Hop Christian Apparel Company and Lifestyle Brand. This decision leaves me feeling, nevertheless, completely vulnerable to the unknown of tomorrow. The what ifs parade my mind. But I refuse to be paralyzed by the fear that surrounds the chamber of what if. Paralyzing fear is the culprit that contributed to my lack of follow through in the past. It’s all or nothing. I’m all in, or not. I choose to “to throw caution to the wind embrace commitment and live the disciplined life of follow through”. This time, it counts! Go Hard!



    1. When was the last time you went ALL IN for something? How did it turn out?


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