The Pursuit of More: The Get-UP

 The Pursuit of More: The Get-Up

The pursuit of “the more” requires additional “getting up” experiences as we close in on that which we are pursuing. We are consistently challenged to co-labor with the Creator as we collaborate to bring into reality that which we see in our dreams. Pursuing entails a consistent action; in some instances, consistent sacrifice. We are always confronted with the question: how much are you willing to do, give up or throw in order to bring about that thing which you desire. Karl and I recently had to answer this question, yet again. As I wrote the words “ yet again”, it struck me that maybe our previous answers have paled to our recent one. The more I think about it, we have responded with a “yes, we are all in” several times; but our actions exhibited a little less than that zealous commitment. Some things were done begrudgingly, with an “OK”, but if it doesn’t produce a result soon, I’m gonna…” attitude. While others were done with real genuine commitment, but we lacked the necessary follow through. This illuminates one truth: either we go forward and produce the level of commitment and follow through required at various phases in our pursuit of our dreams; or we make little progress and have to return to the original challenge endlessly until we muster enough resolve to throw caution to the wind embrace commitment and live the disciplined life of follow through. Phew, this puts things in perspective. I am going to hold off discussion of our recent response to the urging of “G&P” and allow the time for a growth experience. Won’t you join me? Unplug and apply this truth to your journey. Make whatever adjustments you need to; and/or, celebrate whatever you have gotten right. Just take this time to grow! Take some time to pursue the more.

Let the GPUNLTD family help you pursue the more. We are an Urban Hip Hop Christian Apparel company and lifestyle brand for individuals who want to live a harmonious life of work, worship, and service.  Live Unlimited!


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