The Night

The Night 

By K.A. Perkins 


You Understand The Night
The Moment Where Time Stops
Where the Hustle Starts
Insomnia is Confused with Drive
Focus is Food
Divine Inspiration is Air
Keep Dreaming
The Silence of Sound
The Thunder of Imagination
The Window of Creativity
Keep Grinding
Illumination From Within
Destiny like the rising sun
Keep Believing
The Sky is Unlimited
Confidence in your moment
Precision in your Pursuit
Vision Tenacity
Prayers Heard
Haters Sleep
Nay-Sayers Sleep
Average Sleep
Legends Awake
Soar in the Night
Like luminous stars
Like Skyscrapers, when the city sleeps.
Like Red-Eyes that land before the sun
Many will never Comprehend
You Understand The Night

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