Stay True/Be You

Stay True/Be You

Living in Purpose means living in absolute power and freedom. To live limitlessly, you must do what you were created to do. You must be who you are designed to be. No cheap imitations of anyone else. No cheap “knock-offs.” Stay True!

If you ever have seen the movie Roots? It took years for Fiddler to understand that freedom was not stuff and privilege, but it was the ability to maintain your identity and integrity of who you are. In reality, some people we idolize are terrific at playing the fiddle behind closed doors. They are not living in power, but are slaves. They are images manufactured by external forces, instead of being masterpieces inwardly crafted. They may have the stuff, but they have lost their soul. Be You!

This is your Legacy! Go Forth and Grind! This is #HustleCulture

Please Share and become a Citizen! Live Life, Be Unlimited, Become Legendary! 

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