Name Brand or Generic

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Name Brand or Generic

Every day that you wake up you are a living brand. So, what are you really selling? Are you Generic? When people see you, do they recognize your individual brand? Does your life represent your authentic self? Do you empower and inspire the world around you? Does your sphere of influence have people emotionally attached to your contribution to humankind? Or does your life represent an off-market imitation of the genuine thing? Are you going thru the motion in the effort to duplicate someone else’s success? Your life is supposed to signify something. It is supposed to connect with people at an emotional level. The people that are around you should feel that they are partakers in what you were created to contribute to humanity. Does your brand represent procrastination… gossip… failure… anger… bitterness?

GPUNLTD Name Brand or Generic

What is your brand?

Here is my brand. I inspire to be a servant leader. Throughout my career, I am known for my ability to transform and build organizations. People who know me the best will say that I am a man of extreme integrity, humility, wisdom, and patience.It is important that I coach and develop leaders. I work extremely hard and get things done. I have three major priorities in this order – God, family, and community.

That is my brand. I am extremely focused on fulfilling a purpose. As the founder of GPUNLTD, my vision is to assist and coach you in achieving your dreams and living your purpose. Coaching and Teaching makes GPUNLTD more than just an urban Christian clothing company, we promote a lifestyle. Me and my team,  believe in developing the personal brand for Vintage Generic everyone. For me it is simple: I aspire to inspire you, that you may inspire others.

Real wealth is found in the happiness of purpose. Success is about being laser-focus on your kingdom purpose. It is easy to make resolutions; however, it is considerably more challenging to make results. Making results will require you to roll up your sleeves and work. If you want to change the game and take charge, get a coach, get focused and follow US at GPUNLTD.

You must live your Why! It is the “Why” that separates the authentic from the imitators, and the name brand from the generic. Find Your Why & Fly!



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