Living Your Purpose – Finding your Why

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Living Your Purpose – Finding your Why

Everyone is trying to find their purpose. This isn’t a new phenomenon; on the contrary, “purpose” has been a pursuit from the beginning of time. I guess it is only natural in a universe that is filled with systems and processes that all work together, for the individual to have an inner urging to live out the reason they exist.

For many, the concept of “purpose” is a bit overwhelming, and the idea of identifying their purpose is more than a bit daunting. Whether in a professional development course, or talking one on one with a friend or loved one, the idea of purpose and the pursuit of it is always accompanied by a tinge of anxiety and a too familiar dampness that build in the corner of one’s eye which is immediately followed by a tightening of the chest and the one deep breath that you swear if it were audible it would make the distinct sound of a “thud”. For some, it is not that they do not believe in purpose; but life has dealt you so many unexpected and incalculable blows that they have been left tattered, black and blue, trying to catch their breath while you clutch on to the all too few and severely frayed threads of your unraveling dreams.They have slipped comfortably into survival mode. Their dreams did not come true, and their life did not turn out the way they expected; consequently, purpose and all talk associated with it rekindles a very real pain of disappointment. The familiar refrain repeatedly plays in their head, “What if …”

For others, they have the achievement and accomplishments that others only dream about. They are respected, admired and revered. There is emptiness, frustration, and disillusionment because their purpose is measured by status and the opinion of others. Somewhere, they have left abandoned in a corner, their true self and the true reason for their existence.

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Consequently, for these individuals and the countless others whose lives fall somewhere in the middle of these two perspectives, the life that they are living is void of the contentment and fulfillment that only comes from living a life of purpose.
If by chance, you happen to be one of these precious individuals who find themselves in an abyss of emptiness, hopelessness, and depression, I have good news for you. There is HOPE.

One of my favorite writers wrote, “Your fulfillment is life is dependent on your becoming and doing what you were born to be and to do.” He is talking about one’s purpose. Purpose answers the question “why” you exist. Life happens, plans change, and circumstances change; but your purpose, that never changes. Your purpose was etched into your spiritual DNA at conception.

It is not too late! Commit to finding your “why.” Here are four things to do that will help you to identify your purpose:

  1. Take out a piece of paper and retreat to a quiet place
  2. Identify your gifts and talents (things you have a knack for…things that you are good)
  3. Identify what kindles your passions (those things that stir your emotion and cause you to become angry, excited, joyful, etc.,.)
  4. Identify your values ( what is important to you)

By S.N. Perkins- GPUNTLD



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