Be the Crème De La Crème: Part VI: Take Risks

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Be the Crème De La Crème: Part VI: Take Risks

If your last year looks like this year, then you are not proceeding forward. The pursuit of greatness will always keep you in a perpetual state of transition. If it is a new business or project, greatness requires that you take risks. Why? People who desire to be the best shun the every appearance of being average. Average people work to find a situation where they are comfortable. Those that inspire to be the best have the courage to seek adventures that add to their caliber of life. They celebrate the milestone, but they re-calibrate and go after the next adventure.


Being the Crème De La Crème requires you to take risks. Something that average people are afraid to do. You might ask why is risk taking so important? The answer is quite simple, that when you accept risks you are in a state evolving and becoming a self-confident person. When you take a risk you learn and grow as a person. With every risk there in an opportunity to grow. In the results are always learning a new skill. When you learn new skills you transform from being an employee to being a brand. When you decided to take risk is also develops your faith because you are forced to confront your fears. When you confront your fears you enhances both your drive and ambition. It also makes you more resilient because you have to go through levels of self-imposed limitations. Taking risk also illuminate your purpose and opens your mind to levels of innovation and creativity.

So here is the deal, you want to be the Crème De La Crème Take risk. I encourage you to simply step outside your comfortable zone to become a better you.

*Note: With every new adventure, you are letting go of the bondage of being a slave to being average.

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