Be the Crème De La Crème: Part IV: Be Authentic

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Be the Crème De La Crème: Part IV: Be Authentic

It is now the end of your junior year at Unlimited University. You are a Biology major with a concentration in pre-med. Your current G.P.A. is a 3.65. It could be higher but you decided to pledge a Greek organization your sophomore year. You had the time of your life these last three years. You have met friends of all races, religious doctrines, and colors. You have bought more T-shirts, jeans, mp3, electronics, books, coffee, and beer than the national norm. You played video games until the controllers broke. You attempted to become a celebrity by uploading your college antics on YouTube. Now you have made it at the dawn of your senior year gearing up to take the MCAT. Many people don’t realize that practicing medicine is your family legacy. You are supposed to be the third generation doctor, poised to take over the family practice. Little does your family know that you dread the idea of practicing medicine and you have decided to opt-out of Medical School. You have resolved to get a job as a Vista worker and kickstart your way to raising money for your inner city youth program. The humor in it all is that you knew before the start of your sophomore year and after volunteering at the community center in an urban neighborhood, that medicine was not for you.

Be Authentic

This story represents the reality that millions of people face. People who are afraid to Be Authentic. We live in a world in which social media “likes” and “followers” are indicators of success. Way too often we have experienced failure because we have others choose our purpose for us. Sometimes in each of our lives and at every socioeconomic level, we feel the imaginary measuring stick, whose measurement others use to define our personal success. You know just what I am talking about. The constant social media pictures of the selfie taken with the sports cars and the palm trees in the setting. Whether it is society, our parents, partners, friends, or teachers, we don’t take the time to define and teach success as being happy and living your authentic self. Western culture has negated individuality, purpose, and happiness for an addiction to stuff and money. We are dwelling in the age in which our lust for outward acceptance has created a society of truly unhappy people. The world is going batty and everyone is social posturing, trying to convince you that they know how to make money and/or how to achieve success. The pressure gets so bad that you probably thought about doing something totally new in hopes that within a few months, you can be rich and see the world. The illusion is very real and people are giving their lives for an empty box full luck and maybe.

Out of everything that everyone is saying, no one is telling you to live an unlimited life. They are not telling you to pursue purpose and become everything that God has made you to be. They know that it is easier in the short term to sell you a pill and have you download an application, or purchase a product than to be your authentic self. They understand that the outward work of being something that you are not is easier than pushing yourself to become the very best version of yourself possible.

There is a fight for you not to be your authentic self and pursue your purpose. The devil understands that pushing aside one’s personal authenticity damages one’s mind, one’s body, and one’s soul. You cannot live someone else’s dream. The most powerful thing that you can do is to wake up and do what you were created to do. Hustling for a nightmare is not only crazy, but it is torture. The truth is that you were made for more. That more is not in a box or in a program; it is found in the treasure chest that God buried inside you. It is a treasure chest that leads us to a world of riches and prosperity found in our purpose for living. Wake-Up and get to digging up the fresh reality of purpose and self-awareness that is contained within.

· Be Bold
· Be Brilliant
· Be Amazing
· Be Responsible
· Be Beautiful
· Be Authentic
· Be Love
· Be Committed
· Be Fearless
· Be Honest
· Be Healthy
· Be Free

These are the laws of living an Unlimited Lifestyle. Each one of these laws unlocks a door to individual dominion, power, and authority. They are the foundation for success and your pearls of possibilities.

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