Be the Crème De La Crème: Part III: Let it Go

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Be the Crème De La Crème: Part III: Let it Go

The Song Let it Go became a Billboard hit. The words ring true to anyone who hopes to be the Be the Crème De La Crème. There comes a time when you have to let everything go in an effort to become your best. If you ask anyone who is living his or her dreams, they will tell you that it cost them something. It might not have been the same thing for each person, but the reality remains the same – they had to give up something or somebody. They to give up the burdens that kept them from soaring to higher heights. Every one of us are individual airplanes with luggage limit capacity. Anytime we go over the luggage limit on an airplane it becomes unsafe to fly. If you want to fly safely, you have to get rid of luggage that keeps you grounded. It is imperative to eliminate any excess weight that will restrain you from soaring. There are 10 things that you must do in order to soar:

  • Stop looking backward and measuring your life by the past.
  • Refrain from envying successful people and measuring your life based on other people.
  • Never surround yourself with chickens or people who refuse to fly. Chicken don’t win they are consumed.
  • Quit second-guessing yourself, your purpose and why you were created.
  • Keep Grinding and Hustling. Always stay hungry and be passionate about your purpose.
  • Forgo having Conversation without Construction. It is easy for people to talk but builders build.
  • Abandon the idea that success is equal to money. Happiness is real wealth!
  • Fight Everyday to live your authentic self.Know why you were created and stay true to what God created for you to be regardless of the cost.
  • Refuse to participate in negative talking and thinking. You are what you speak and what you say!
  • Shun the idea that you are not important. You must love yourself. There is only one you so take a time to love you! Therefore take care of your temple.

*Bonus: Never think that you have arrived. Stay humble and serve humanity with your gifts and talents.


So being the best you, requires that you get rid of the luggage that has become weighted burdens. If you negate the 10 things that were presented, the opposite of each of these become burdens. Think about it, sometimes our burdens are thoughts, ideas, and people to whom we have developed allegiance and a loyalty. We all have sometimes foolishly and emotionally attached ourselves to people and situations that keep us from soaring. Being committed to chicken minded people will cause you to make a series of unfruitful decision about your life. What is the solution that you can incorporate today? Spend a few minutes daily writing down your worries and negative opinions, then close the book and spend time in prayer releasing those things to God. Secondly, evaluate all of your closest friendships; if they are not beneficial to your life, eliminate them from your life. Your best self starts today! All of the humanity is waiting for you to be amazing.

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